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— Kirana 
Mindful Path Workshop

I can honestly say that all the workshops I’ve attended by Sarajane have been incredible. Some I’ve walked into not really “needing” help with a particular issue and others I most definitely did have a particular thing on my mind. Regardless they have been and will continue to be incremental in helping me to get to know myself better, understand my own thoughts and feelings better, gain strength in myself and my abilities, learn patience with myself (and others!), understand being kind to yourself and self-care! I can honestly say discovering Mindfulness with Sarajane has been a true gift and one I will be forever grateful for.

— Laura
Mindful Mama Series 

Enjoyable, relaxing & meaningful workshops where as a beginner I learnt so much about meditation, self care and including mindfulness in my day. Highly recommend a session with Sarajane as a treat & timeout... especially for busy, frazzled parents!

— Robert

Breath Series 

Sarajane’s words of wisdom make me stop what I’m doing for a moment, put a warmth in my heart, give me a reason to be more compassionate, more thoughtful to others and more loving to myself.

— Carla

Private Consultation


I was in a period of change after a break up - stressed, unhappy, potentially depressed, unmotivated to work and exhausted. I  was also questioning the direction of my life. This was extremely challenging for me as I've always been "happy" & "positive" I didn't know who I was anymore. 

Sarajane always asked the right questions, especially the ones I’d been avoiding, and she gently pushed me to think differently. I was able to move out of my comfort zone, and I now have some proper tools to help direct my life.

I am now more aware of my decisions and feel less stressed, especially thanks to the Sarajanes one on one and group Mindful sessions ❤

— Name, Title

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